Mission of the festival

Sevastopol International Film Festival

Its motto is “creativity for the sake of creativity”. Event program  includes films display, holding concerts and exhibitions. The Festival is a springboard for new ideas and opportunities with their further implementation at cinematic market (in association with the European funds). The Festival will give an initial to emerging young talents in the summer film school.

SIFF can become the place for creation and international cultural cooperation. Cinema is an art with the widest audience and  thus  can contribute integration.

The whole event showcases the world community the strive for mutual peaceful coexistence and cooperation between the participant countries.

Festival events serve to develop creative connections and exchange experience between cinema-makers of various countries.

Festival events and activities draw attention to ecological issues taking into consideration not only environmental points, but also the ecology of human relationships, ecology of art and memory.

Cinema and theatre players, producers, political and public figures attending the festival will contribute towards the development of culture and creative commerce.

Charity events will be held at Sevastopol International Film Festival.

Legend about the Birth of the Tenth Muse. The Muse of the Cinema

It happened in those blessed ancient times when Olympian gods took care of people living on earth. The wedlock of Zeus and Mnemosyne was prolific to give the world nine muses – the patrons of arts and science.

But   Mnemosyne was silent about the tenth daughter. She trembled at the thought to reveal the truth about the sleeping child to her formidable husband. The muses cared about their sister with great love and affection. They gifted her with their abilities in the vain attempts to wake her up. She kept sleeping. In despair they turned to Artermide the patron of babies for help. She explained that neither she nor anybody was in power to wake the child and it was not the time for her to step into the world.  The goodness suggested sending the sleeping muse to the verge of Greek empire to the land of Tavrida . The priestess Iphigenia would guard her. There the sleeping muse would be safe while anticipating for her time to come.

In 1911 two thousand  years later the muse woke up. It was the year when the first feature-length film (“Sevastopol Defense” directed by Chanzhonkov A.)was being shot. Cinema – the integration of all kinds of art – has seen the light. From now on , this hospitable land will welcome annually the International Fim Festival. It signifies the place of freedom and creativity and embodies the legend of the most mysterious muse – the Muse of the Cinema.

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